Written by Jong Ching Yee

What happened?

Following a Facebook post by an Ang Mo Kio resident, which depicted many unopened letters and packages in a dustbin, SingPost has been urged to take action. The postman responsible for delivering the mail has now been arrested by the police and investigations are ongoing. Another Facebook user, whose tenant is living in Ang Mo Kio, added that he has not received any mail in the last two months, further implying that the mail could have been inappropriately handled since some time back.


Greater Implications

This is not the first time SingPost has found itself in the spotlight this year. Earlier on, locals complained of poor delivery services during the peak festive period. Many parcels sent out were either delivered late or not delivered to their recipients. Last year, a postman got into trouble for disposing of returned letters and direct mail at a condominium.

All these incidents could be pointing towards a deeper root cause that the company needs to thoroughly investigate. Recently, Associate Professor of NUS Business School, Mak Yuen Teen, pointed outhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQgZb6U3iPw that SingPost’s transition to e-commerce and other investment areas could affect the standards of traditional postal services. Similar to many countries around the world, postal services have long become a sunset industry. In this technological age, many have opted to go digital.

Following this series of embarrassing and serious events, Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA) has promised to take firm action and review all feedback from the public. According to IMDA’s Postal Quality of Service standards, SingPost has failed to meet the expectation of delivering 99% of basic letters within one working day, and 100% by two working days.

With almost everything becoming digital, it is perhaps time that we forget about mailing letters. Next time, if you fail to receive your mail, you can probably guess where your mail has ended up.

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