Written by Shane Arriola

What happened?

Workers’ Party (WP) representatives have been left financially depleted amidst the trial for the alleged breach of fiduciary duties and “improper” payments of more than S$33 million, mostly to FM Solutions and Service (FMSS). Mr Low, Ms Lim and Mr Singh on October 24, Wednesday, opened a public appeal for help with legal fees. In just three days, they were able to raise, as of 10am on Saturday (October 27), a total of S$1,008,802 which would “substantially cover(s) the legal fees required at this point”. The appeal closed on October 27, where they have since thanked supporters and stressed how the “financial support is crucial but the moral support you have given us is incalculable”

Mr Low, Ms Lim and Mr Singh have stressed that the $600,000 spent so far on the legal battle were funds from their own savings and contributions from friends. They have emphasized that these costs incurred have depleted their own personal resources and that no resources from the political party have been used to pay the legal fees incurred. Consistent with these assertions is the claim by the WP that the appeal for funds was a private undertaking by the three individuals and did not involve the political party.


What does this signify?

The accumulation of more than a million dollars in public donations in just three days, could be an indication of growing intentions from the general populace for more opposition voices in parliament. Especially since being bankrupt will cause the WP representatives involved to lose their seats in parliament. Therefore, is this perhaps Singapore’s way of protecting checks and balances in parliament or was the million dollars raised merely a result of WP having loyal supporters that just wanted to help the WP through this financially tough period.

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