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Written by Clement Ng

Not Even Exaggerating

MOE has unveiled its new National Digital Literacy Programme, and it’s LIT 🔥. By 2024, every secondary one student will own a personal learning device, such as a tablet, laptop or Chromebook, which can be paid by Edusave.

In preparation of the programme, all eligible Singaporean primary and secondary school students will be getting an increased Edusave top-up this year of $200, up from $150 last year. Students from lower-income families won’t be left behind, with additional subsidies to ensure no out-of-pocket cost.

To be fair, Education Minister Ong Ye Kung has said that the devices are meant to be affordable and unlikely to be high-end. They’ll also have device management software installed so teachers can monitor and control students’ usage of the device. Sorry kids, no Mobile Legends and K-dramas for you.

“Some students are naturally disappointed with the limited functionality of their devices, but it is the necessary thing to do. This is consistent with a common school practice where no mobile phone usage is allowed during school hours,” said Ong Ye Kung.


Software to the Hardware

Move aside, bilinguals. Trilingual students will soon be the norm, speaking English, their Mother Tongue, and Code.

Code For Fun (CFF), a 10-hour enrichment programme teaching computational thinking and coding to upper primary school students, will be offered to all primary schools starting this year. 

MOE also aims to have more schools offer Computing as a subject. The number of secondary schools offering O-Level Computing will increase to 30 from 22, and the number of junior colleges offering A-Level Computing to 10 from 8.

Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), which is like Civics and Moral Education, Cyber Literacy and Sex Ed combined, will be revamped next year to include a lot more cyber wellness education. The amount of time spent on it will increase by about four hours across all primary school and secondary school levels.

Clement is an NUS Life Science student. "Life" here meaning biology, as opposed to "life of the party" or "living the life". He has a particular interest in US politics, which generally means he is particularly miserable. Regardless, he is a strong believer in keeping informed, and hopes to encourage his peers and readers to do so.

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