We are a group of Millennials with an interest in current affairs, and we believe in the need for more discourse amongst Millennials about it. Millegram is written with the aim of making the news more accessible and interesting for young people.

Every week, we will read the news and collate a succinct, concentrated shot of the important current affairs, local and international, that you need to know. We hope that Millegram will cultivate the habit of news reading in Millennials and spark increased discourse within our generation.


Jin Jie

Jin Jie is an NUS Psychology student who wishes he could read minds. He stays in Tembusu College, and is a big fan of choral music and IU. He would most probably accept a challenge to eat nothing but cai fan for lunch and dinner for a year - provided he wins something (hopefully a lifetime's supply of cai fan).

Ashley Koh

Ashley is an NUS Political Science student staying in Tembusu College. He seems to only have singlets in his wardrobe (they are extremely comfortable in his defense), and wears a T-shirt for an occasional extravagance. He loves to gym and drink with his buddies in his free time, although he doesn't do them at the same time.

Mertice Ho

Mertice is an NUS Student studying Political Science. In her free time, she likes to watch US dramas and comedies. Recently, she has been following “The Good Place” and (in line with her major) “Madam Secretary”. If she had to choose only one type of food to eat for the rest of her life it would be noodles; pasta, ramen and beehoon, any type of noodle will do.

Benedict Lee

Benedict is an NUS Accountancy student staying in Tembusu College. He loves learning more about the world outside the little red dot and occasionally steps out of his comfort zone to see it for himself. Of course, reality dictates that he can only play trivia games and make cold jokes (for now, hopefully).

Clement Ng

Clement is an NUS Life Science student. "Life" here meaning biology, as opposed to "life of the party" or "living the life". He has a particular interest in US politics, which generally means he is particularly miserable. Regardless, he is a strong believer in keeping informed, and hopes to encourage his peers and readers to do so.

Yao Quan

Yao Quan studies Chemical Engineering under the Global Engineering Programme and aspires to be a global engineer in the future. In his free time, he enjoys playing badminton and reading up about Japanese pop culture, but that doesn't stop him from finding his ikigai.

Lune Loh

Lune is an NUS student aspiring to double major in Philosophy and Literature. She stays in Tembusu College, and eats Mala at Fine Foods every Saturday. Otherwise, she writes poetry regardless of being free or busy, and has her pieces in published in various local anthologies.


Ibrahim is an NUS Political Science and Sociology student who resides (mostly) in his suite room in Tembusu College. He considers himself an enigma - loving shows like Mr Robot without possessing an ounce of coding capability, and being a passionate Manchester United fan, while in possession of above average footballing capability. In his free time, Ibrahim gets nostalgic about pasts he's never existed in, and has an unhealthy addiction to buying books he'll never read.

Russ Hoe

Russ is currently reading Literature in NUS. When he isn't reading or watching assigned books and films for class, he's probably reading or watching his self- assigned books and films not for class. His hobbies include the aforementioned affectations towards books and films, repeating himself, and saying the same thing all over again in a different way to sound more interesting. He also loves sushi and Dungeons & Dragons.


Julian is an NUS Political Science student that loves witty conversations and listening to trashy pop tunes. When he isn't making his peers noticeably uncomfortable by talking about domestic politics, you can find him scrolling for memes, spilling the tea or browsing the BBC's 'Science and Technology' section. Oh, talk to him about marine ecology, he digs that s*&% too.


Sylvester is a Freshman reading Life Sciences and Chemistry. He is fascinated with biology and aspires to be a researcher some day. In his free time, he loves going around Singapore in search for good food and coffee.


Bertha Henson

Thank you, Madam, for inspiring us with this idea and for all your support and guidance. We could not have done this without you.

Tembusu Technologies

Thank you so much for all your help; setting up the website and the channel. We really appreciate it!!!