We are a group of Millennials with an interest in current affairs, and we believe in the need for more discourse amongst Millennials about it. Millegram is written with the aim of making the news more accessible and interesting for young people.

Every week, we will read the news and collate a succinct, concentrated shot of the important current affairs, local and international, that you need to know. We hope that Millegram will cultivate the habit of news reading in Millennials and spark increased discourse within our generation.


Clement Ng

Clement is an NUS Life Science student. "Life" here meaning biology, as opposed to "life of the party" or "living the life". He has a particular interest in US politics, which generally means he is particularly miserable. Regardless, he is a strong believer in keeping informed, and hopes to encourage his peers and readers to do so.

Yao Quan

Yao Quan studies Chemical Engineering under the Global Engineering Programme and aspires to be a global engineer in the future. In his free time, he enjoys playing badminton and reading up about Japanese pop culture, but that doesn't stop him from finding his ikigai.

Lune Loh

Lune is an NUS FASS student double majoring in English Literature and Philosophy. She stays in Tembusu College, and likes eating Mala at Fine Foods every Saturday. She writes poetry regardless of being free or busy, and has her pieces in published in various local anthologies.

Jong Ching Yee

Ching Yee is a student majoring in Communications and New Media. During her free time, she enjoys watching football and korean drama. She also writes football related articles mainly on the football team she supports, Arsenal.

Joseph Ong

Joseph is a meme connoisseur. Do look out for his memes @memebuzu

Erica Liaw

Erica Liaw is an NUS Political Science student. In her free time, she enjoys screaming in the shower and consuming caffeine in cinemas. If you see her walking around in circles, she’s either lost due to a poor sense of direction or she is cooling down after a run. Although Erica may look like a millennial, she is a bargain-hunter auntie at heart.

Zacchaeus Chua

Zac is a Philosophy Major from NUS. He enjoys playing video games, as well as regretting playing video games. When he is not doing the above two things, he is almost certainly racing through his extensive pile of accumulated work. He aspires to not be unemployed after he graduates; in his free time, you might catch him fervently rehearsing his favorite phrase: "would you like some fries with that".

Terenaissance (Terence Tan)

Pursuing a major in both mathematics and geography, Terence spends most of his free times reading various novels, both by English and Taiwanese authors. His favourite authors are Maya Angelou and 九把刀 (Giddens Ko). He is also a Whovian who conjures up Doctor Who theories in his free time. Sometimes, he chooses the longest bus route so that he can finish reading his literature books. During his holiday, he travels to Taiwan and other East Asian regions, preparing for a future in East Asian studies research.


An avid reader that some say quirky, some say weird but I think funny is the word.

Regina Tan

Regina is an NUS student aspiring to major in Political Science, Philosophy and Economics (PPE). In her free time, she would probably be sleeping, or else you might catch her watching random cat videos before she sleeps. However, she still has not garnered the courage to touch a cat yet. (Soon, though. Soon.) Other than that, she recently has been trying to pick up the piano, adding it to the list of instruments she has never successfully mastered.

Hui Shi

Hui Shi is an NUS CNM and Sociology student. She survives on three cups of coffee a day and in her free time, she indulges in Asian Literature and Terrace House on Netflix. Her coping mechanism would be to procrastinate by watching vlogs and searching for new playlists to study to (without actually studying).

Crystal Lee

A Japanese Studies student, you can find Crystal either trying to play Fate/Grand Order (NA), or dreaming about all the Japanese food she can eat in the world (like sashimi). If you really can't find her, she is probably out somewhere reading something (like Makiko's Diary, a book about a Japanese merchant family in 1910s Kyoto), with countless cups of Milo by her side.

Bryan Goh

Bryan is an Economics Major from NUS. He enjoys watching shows, exploring new places and experiences, and having discussions on social issues. He also supports Manchester United.... and having more bubble tea shops around Singapore.

Lee Chee Yong

Lee Chee Yong is a Freshman at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences who wishes that the History and Political Science discipline had a baby. Feel free to hit him up for a chat about the once-popular TV musical "Glee" or the recently concluded comedy series "The Good Place". Otherwise, he proudly proclaims: "I'm left-handed!"

Chia Zheng Yan

Zheng Yan is an Accountancy major that aspires to rule the world one day. In his free time, he enjoys reading news websites and solving puzzles. Also, he reads ST Classifieds first thing in the morning.


Jaye Young

Jaye Young is an NUS Student intending to major in both Political Science and Economics. Otherwise known as The Second Da Vinci of our time (jokes), Jaye Young is Millegram's resident political cartoonist, contributing pieces to some of our weekly articles! Aside sketching and doodling, Jaye enjoys gymming, playing sports, reading the newspapers (like those uncles you see at your neighbourhood kopitiams) and watching satirical, current affairs videos like Last Week Tonight. Perhaps the lesser known fact about him is that he once took part in a national doodling competition which was featured on TV back in 2009! (and did we mention that he was the overall champion?)

Ting Feng

Ting Feng is an NUS student intending to major in Political Science, Philosophy, Economics (PPE) and a second major in Business Management. He started drawing by doodling dinosaurs on the walls of his house when he was 3 years old, and is currently still learning to draw something more complicated than a stickman. Aside from doodling, he is active as a percussionist in various performing arts groups, including the NUS Symphony Orchestra. He is most often found pretending to be a cat whisperer by trying to pet aggressive or unfriendly cats. Also, please do not ask for his initials.

Han Ying Jie

The news give me anxiety so I'm not sure why I'm here.


Bertha Henson

Thank you, Madam, for inspiring us with this idea and for all your support and guidance. We could not have done this without you.

Tembusu Technologies

Thank you so much for all your help; setting up the website and the channel. We really appreciate it!!!